Knights of Orange – Orders of the Netherlands

Knights of Orange – Orders of the Netherlands

(ISBN 978-952-68328-0-7 and 978-1508857679 (US Edition))

• 402 pages, softcover in English with a 1-page abstract in Finnish
• 362 images, most in large format: Insignia, medal-bars, lapel-pins, miniatures, recipients, award documents and more..
• A short history of the Netherlands
• Biographies of King William I and Queen Wilhelmina
• Chapters on each of the Orders:
Military Order of William (including the Sabre of Honour),
Order of the Netherlands Lion,
Order of Orange-Nassau,
Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau,
Order of the House of Orange,
Order of the Golden Ark
• Biographies two famous knights
• A collector’s word
• Appendix with:
Hallmarks, manufacturers and their marks
Cases of issue
Bestowal statistics

Published in 2015 (both EU and US Editions)

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